A Comedy of


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and broken by Mr Goose!

Me am the splendid goose, not the bendy goose!

The internet is broken - and it's all my fault?

Well who's have thought it, The only halfway-decent writer on this site and what do they give me to do? The error messages! Well whoopee-do! Lucky old me!

As you can imagine, this sort of thing is immensely dull and tedious for a fun-loving, web-footed waterfowl such as myself. Still, they insisted that if I made a list of all the possible HTTP errors and linked them all together then all you lucky people could see all these wretched messages without having to break the internet in order to see them. Personally I reckon that anyone who wants to read computer error messages really should try to get out more often. Perhaps go for a swim in a pond somewhere? But then, I am only a goose and I never have understood the vagaries of human behaviour. Besides someone mentioned goose food.

So, my 'creative brief' was to use a template a bit like this..

Error Message Template

To produce a complete set of special pages that appear for all those silly HTTP errors likely to be generated by an Apache web server...

400 - Bad Request
401 - Unauthorized
403 - Forbidden
404 - Not Found
405 - Method Not Allowed
408 - Request Time Out
410 - Gone
411 - Length Required
412 - Precondition Failed
413 - Request Entity Too Large
414 - Request URI Too Large
415 - Unsupported Media Type
500 - Internal Server Error
501 - Not Implemented
502 - Bad Gateway
503 - Service Unavailable
506 - Variant Also Varies

I warned you. That was about as exciting as watching lichen grow on my pond! Now where's that huge dish full of really nice goose food?

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