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Metric non-SI units PDF Print E-mail
Written by Garfield Lucas   

These are some alternative, non SI metric units that are in common use...

Length angstrom Å 1.00E-10 metres
Length micron µ 1.00E-06 metres
Volume litre l 1.00E-03 metres³
Area are a 100 metres²
Mass tonne t 1000 kg
Force dyne
1.00E-05 N
Pressure Pascal Pa 1 N/m²
Pressure bar bar 105 N/m²
Energy erg
1.00E-07 joules
Viscosity (dynamic) centipoise cP 1.00E-03 Ns/m²
Viscosity (kinetic) centistrokes cSt 1.00E-06 m²/s
Electrical Conductivity siemens S 1 1/W
Magnetic Field Strength oersted
1000/4p A/m
Magnetomotive Force gilbert
10/4p A
Magnetic Flux Density gauss
1.00E+04 Tesla
Magnetic Flux maxwell
1.00E-08 Wb
Luminance nit nt 1 cd/m²
Luminance stilb
1.00E+04 cd/m²

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