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These are some of my technology writings. I am a firm believer in the value of open source software and the culture of openness and cooperation that surrounds it. So most of my written work today is about open source rather than proprietary products. If you are looking for information about Microsoft products or anything Windows-based, then you are probably in the wrong place - though please feel free to look around anyway, if you have a few moments to spare.

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1 Upgrade to 64 bit Goosebuntu (9.04 & 9.10)(Jaunty & Karmic) Garfield Lucas 2289
2 About Joomla Garfield Lucas 5230
3 Upgrading Ubuntu 9.x to Kubuntu 9.x Garfield Lucas 1451
4 Another reason to be cheerful Garfield Lucas 7750
5 Backing up using big, cheap hard disks and some nifty Unix tools Garfield Lucas 4967
6 Cannot upgrade from Feisty to Gutsy Garfield Lucas 5316
7 Coppermine "batch-add" hangs Garfield Lucas 6378
8 Fed up with Norton Antivirus? Eboneezer Goose 5199
9 It's war! Garfield Lucas 6297
10 FHS (File Hierarchy System) on Unix-like operating systems such as Linux Garfield Lucas 6569
11 GNUCash - serious open source accounting software Garfield Lucas 10733
12 gOS - has the Google vs M$ war just "gone nuclear"? Garfield Lucas 7794
13 How to install CS-R20 software for Icom IC-R20 on Linux Garfield Lucas 28489
14 How to install PHPRunner 4.0 on Ubuntu Linux Garfield Lucas 9877
15 How to make (K)Ubuntu play copy-protected DVD's, and... Garfield Lucas 17398
16 How to upgrade from Ubuntu to Kubuntu (version 7.xx - Gutsy) Garfield Lucas 9963
17 How to upgrade from Ubuntu to Kubuntu (version 8.xx - Hardy) Garfield Lucas 6020
18 How to upgrade to "Goosebuntu" - a fully loaded (K)ubuntu 7.xx (Gutsy) system Garfield Lucas 6975
19 How to upgrade to "Goosebuntu" - a fully loaded (K)ubuntu 8.xx (Hardy) system Garfield Lucas 4450
20 I can't open Raw files from my digital camera Garfield Lucas 6111
21 Icom IC-R20 radio scanner Garfield Lucas 46845
22 Ok so I installed Ubuntu but I hate the Gnome desktop? Garfield Lucas 4976
23 Persuading ThumbsPlus for Windows to work on Ubuntu Linux Garfield Lucas 9048
24 Setting file & directory properties Garfield Lucas 2969
25 Using VirtualBox to run Windows apps that will not run on WINE Garfield Lucas 7352
26 Vista woes might lead us to better things Garfield Lucas 11250
27 WebOnCD Garfield Lucas 5343
28 Windows applications running successfully on Linux using WINE Garfield Lucas 9714
29 Windows can't read from my camera's memory card Garfield Lucas 6224
30 2007-11-07 XO (one laptop per child) rolls of production line Garfield Lucas 3175



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