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Reference Tables
This is a growing collection of reference tables and general technical information I have gathered over the last thirty years or so. You will find information such as paper sizes, component colour codes, metric prefixes etc kept here. This category also features a collection of conversion and equivalents tables, including battery sizes and the difference between metric and binary computer prefixes - i.e. the difference between a kilobyte and a kibibyte.
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1 Batteries - button cell equivalents Garfield Lucas 37707
2 Batteries - dry & alkaline international equivalents Garfield Lucas 9679
3 Batteries - lead-acid equivalents Garfield Lucas 7159
4 Battery formulation - IEC codes Garfield Lucas 5886
5 Commonly used radio terminology Garfield Lucas 7885
6 Domain name country suffixes Garfield Lucas 7193
7 Electronic component colour codes Garfield Lucas 4383
8 Form factors for storage media Garfield Lucas 2270
9 Global METAR stations (over 3000 of them!) Garfield Lucas 31188
10 HTML special characters Garfield Lucas 1859
11 ISO 216 (DIN 476) "A", "B" & ISO 269 "C" series paper sizes table Garfield Lucas 5005
12 International clothing size equivalents Garfield Lucas 5685
13 International Morse Code Garfield Lucas 2571
14 International phonetic alphabet Garfield Lucas 7572
15 Keyboard shortcuts Garfield Lucas 6707
16 Mathematical and other constants Garfield Lucas 3023
17 Metric non-SI units Garfield Lucas 3919
18 Metric prefixes Garfield Lucas 3959
19 Metric SI units Garfield Lucas 4114
20 Metric versus binary (computer) prefixes Garfield Lucas 6315
21 MP3 ID3v1 genre tags Garfield Lucas 4135
22 Original ARPA domain abreviations Garfield Lucas 3756
23 Sound pressure levels Garfield Lucas 1457
24 Wire gauge Garfield Lucas 1253



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