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Radio Frequencies

This category features a collection of radio frequencies. These have either been received personally or gathered from a variety of sources including the internet and from other radio enthusiasts. We try very hard to keep these tables updated regularly. However they may still contain errors or omissions. So, if you spot a mistake, then please let us know via the contact form.

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1 Streams used in GarfNet internet radio tuner Garfield Lucas 33746
2 Internet radio tuner Garfield Lucas 21319
3 Internet radio stream sources Garfield Lucas 14178
4 Radio and TV frequencies for broadcast stations near Southampton UK Garfield Lucas 32922
5 Aircraft frequencies, EU and UK Garfield Lucas 49155
6 Citizen's Band frequencies, EU and UK Garfield Lucas 17923
7 PMR 446 frequencies Garfield Lucas 16852
8 Radio microphone frequencies Garfield Lucas 10170
9 TV sound frequencies, CCIR countries (mainly EU) Garfield Lucas 8602
10 TV sound frequencies, OIRT countries Garfield Lucas 7079
11 TV sound frequencies, Australia Garfield Lucas 6313
12 TV sound frequencies, China Garfield Lucas 5483
13 TV sound frequencies, France Garfield Lucas 4480
14 TV sound frequencies, Indonesia Garfield Lucas 4660
15 TV sound frequencies, Ireland Garfield Lucas 4104
16 TV sound frequencies, Italy Garfield Lucas 3709
17 TV sound frequencies, Ivory Coast Garfield Lucas 3332
18 TV sound frequencies, Japan Garfield Lucas 3574
19 TV sound frequencies, Morocco Garfield Lucas 3477
20 TV sound frequencies, New Zealand Garfield Lucas 3952
21 TV sound frequencies, South Africa Garfield Lucas 4169
22 TV sound frequencies, Taiwan Garfield Lucas 3612
23 TV sound frequencies, UK Garfield Lucas 6472
24 TV sound frequencies, USA Garfield Lucas 4418
25 VHF Marine band channels Garfield Lucas 31678
26 Wavebands, amateur radio Garfield Lucas 16134
27 Wavebands, shortwave broadcast (worldband) Garfield Lucas 8050



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