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Frequently asked questions relating to this website.
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1 Didn't you use another Linux at one time? Garfield Lucas 840
2 Is the New Millennium available in an archive? Garfield Lucas 728
3 How does GarfNet manage its image library? Garfield Lucas 3717
4 What happened to the New Millennium ezine? Garfield Lucas 1230
5 What is the best media player for the GarfNet internet radio tuner? Garfield Lucas 2249
6 What is the 'Millennium Team' doing now? Garfield Lucas 806
7 Where is GarfNet based? Garfield Lucas 788
8 Which CMS has GarfNet chosen and why did you choose it? Garfield Lucas 821
9 Which Linux 'flavour' did you choose and why did you choose it? Garfield Lucas 751
10 Why is Garfnet moving from a hand written site to a contact managed one? Garfield Lucas 757
11 Why is GarNet using Linux? Garfield Lucas 892



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