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Readers frequently asked questions relating to technological issues.
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1 Can I get my scanner | printer | copier | teamaker | etc. working on Linux? Garfield Lucas 4128
2 How do I stop Google indexing a particular page on my site? Garfield Lucas 1946
3 How do you install Google's Chromium browser on (K)Ubuntu Linux? Garfield Lucas 7557
4 I want a really good website but I don't want to pay for it! Garfield Lucas 5237
5 I want to try Linux, is it best to dual boot? or what? Garfield Lucas 1210
6 My Ubuntu sound system suddenly stopped working. Can I restart it without rebooting? Garfield Lucas 2132
7 My camera cards keep getting corrupted. Can I prevent this? Garfield Lucas 2531
8 Surely Ubuntu Linux is only for a minority of geeks & programmers? Garfield Lucas 1207
9 What computer should I buy? Garfield Lucas 5224
10 What does VISTA mean? Garfield Lucas 541
11 What is LAMPP? Garfield Lucas 1811
12 What is the best image library management system for me? Garfield Lucas 4711
13 What is the difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu? Garfield Lucas 19317
14 Will Google be the new Microsoft? Garfield Lucas 3308
15 Windows 7 - is it any good? Garfield Lucas 6963
16 Wouldn't it be better if there were only one Linux? Garfield Lucas 3359
17 Would you use Debian on a desktop or laptop PC? Garfield Lucas 577



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