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Highbury College, near Portsmouth, by GarfKilliney Sunset by Nikster

These documents give some information about GarfNet Pictures+Media and the small community developing around it. Also we have a new keyword search to help you find pictures more quickly and easily. Please remember that almost all the images and media in our galleries belong to their various content prpoviders. If you want to use something then please ask.


Cleaning a camera CCD with a vacuum cleaner and a Lens Pen PDF Print E-mail
Written by Garfield Lucas   

ImageI had Fuji S1, S2 & S3, all of which had dust magnets for sensors! They would get dirty even if I did not remove the lenses, simply from the air that got sucked in by varying the focal length of the lens. However, I cleaned them quite successfully with a vacuum cleaner. However there are some important caveats.

Most importantly,  do NOT use the cleaner to dislodge the dust. You are more likely to suck out the shutter mechanism. I never did this but a colleague did. Instead, use a fine carbon fibre brush such as a "Lens Pen" to do dislodge the dust and use the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust once it is mobile. Seems the carbon fibre brush is slightly conductive and greatly reduces static build-up on sensor.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 July 2009 20:17
Please may I have GarfNet Pictures account? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Garfield Lucas   
Highbury College, near Portsmouth, by GarfKilliney Sunset by Nikster

We have a fairly large picture site over at GarfNet Pictures. First up, it is important you understand what we are NOT:

  1. We are not an agency of any sort.
  2. We do not claim to get you work or further your career in any way.
  3. We do not attempt to compete with any of the conventional model sites such as Purestorm, or NetModel, or gallery sites such as PhotoBucket, Flickr etc. 

GarfNet Pictures is a small community that's somehow alternative and old-fashioned at the same time if that makes any sense at all? However there is virtually no restriction on the number of images you can post. If your gallery exceeds 1000 pictures I'll probably mail you and ask you nicely to slow down a bit! But everyone has acted very reasonably so far.

Membership is free, but by invitation only. I create accounts personally because I want to keep out the bigots, bullies, perverts, trolls and zealots one finds on other sites. Our mission is to offer creative people a truly nurturing environment in which to display their work. We've been going since 1995 and generally do quite well in terms of Google rankings - though mainstream popularity has never really been our purpose.

Our rules be summarised in a sentence: No porn, treat your fellow members with kindness and respect, and make sure you have the copyright owners permission to use the picture.

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