Garf Technology GarfNet - penguin powered and full of unixy goodness Wed, 18 Jul 2018 08:53:56 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Trademarks ImageI have mixed feelings about patents & trademarks. On the one hand I believe in the free sharing of ideas. On the other hand one also needs to protect one's intellectual property, not so much from the small guys but from big corporations. I have shied away from attempting to register any software patents. I believe these are not in the best interest of the computer industry. However I have registered some of my product names as trademarks with the UK Patent Office. 

Currently I am the proud owner of seven UK registered trademarks...

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Teaching One of the most rewarding jobs one can do is teaching enthusiastic students. Whilst I greatly admire those who teach full time, I find that teaching is best used as an outlet to pass on to students the results of recent research & practical experience. Consequently I spend about 20% of my working time teaching.

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Photography I'm seldom more than a few metres from a camera. Ever since I played with an early Pentax film single lens reflex (SLR) camera at around the age of 15, I fell in love with the concept of 'seeing through the lens' - rather than through a separate viewfinder. I also rather enjoyed the sound the shutter makes on a quality camera! Come to think of it, I still do!

Linux screengrab featuring some of my images
Please click image to view some of my event photography

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Software web graphicUntil recently my main programming skills were VisualBasic, HTML, a bit of JavaScript & shed load of applets using VisualBasic for Applications. Most of the applications I have developed were primarily for the M$ Windows platform. However, due to the unease of many of my clients regarding Microsoft's draconian licensing arrangements, I'm starting to get heavily into Linux and the rich diversity of software and ideas that now emanate from the 'Open Source' community. Consequently, main avenue of enquiry today is PHP & mySQL. The new GarfNet sites are all Linux | Apache | PHP | mySQL based.

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Research & Development I spend countless hours on what I loosely call "research". This covers a multitude of 'sins' but is essential for the future of my business. These are a few of the projects I have been working on...

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A Lifestyle Business ImageGarf Technology is something of a 'lifestyle business'. This is where one is more concerned with doing things 'well' & enjoying it, rather than trying to make a 'fast buck'. Or as a more sceptical observer might put it: somehow I manage to get paid to do my various hobbies!

I love it! Sometimes I feel as if I'm a kid who's been handed the keys to his favourite toy shop. More importantly, I get to work with some wonderful and very talented people too.

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History of Garf Technology ImageGarf Technology started trading in 1986 November. It made a major switch of direction in 1992 November, largely as a result of my utter dismay at the way the UK clearing banks were treating small businesses. Seemed to me that when the weather's fine they give you an umbrella. When it rains they take it away!

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Writing I think it is a family failing that all the Lucas's believe the planet should have the benefit of our opinions...Smile ]]> (Garfield Lucas) Services Thu, 23 Mar 2006 11:53:19 +0000