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1 419 Eater
This site sets out to scam the scammers - especially the so-caled 419 or Nigerian scammers. Very amusing site.
2 Exploding Panda
Strange but amusing personal site
3 Christophe Goze
Discovered Christophe recently completely by accident. Now this guy has talent. Real talent. His down tempo, ambient jazz style is the perfect accompaniment to a laid-back English summer's afternoon. Now where's that cold beer?
4 Mojomoon spells & hexes
Fancy hexing someone you don't like. This site tells you how to do it! All good clean fun!
5 Noko
Our service provider's site.
The basic idea behind open source is very simple: When programmers can read, redistribute, and modify the source code for a piece of software, the software evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs.
7 ShashDot
News for Nerds, stuff that Matters. Really good IT news site.
8 The Register
Very incisive UK-based IT site
9 What is Linux?
Linux is (usually) free, open source version of the UNIX operating system, created originally in 1991 by Norwegian born Linus Torvalds as a college project! It has developed a lot since then and can be used to replace Microsoft Windows completely.
10 Wikipedia
The excellent Wikipedia web-based encyclopedia
11 Wessex Dental Projects
Open Source software could save you a lot of money! Open source software can be both higher quality and more cost-effective than comparable proprietary products. Links to some successful open-source-based web projects I have been involved with person



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