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Computer hardware, e.g. audio, MP3, video players, hard disks, optical disks etc.
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CPC is my absoute favourite UK 'toy' catalogue. Based in Preston Lnacashire, UK, CPC offers an astonishing range of computer and other electronic hardware, tools etc. I always keep a CPC catalogue next to my stack of Private Eyes in the loo.
2 LaCie
Makers & suppliers of the giant LaCie hard drives. Wihilst these are not as reliable as one might hope, and the firmware is prettty poor to, once you get over the bugs these drives will store a lot of data very cheaply. The cases look nice too.
Fascinating multimedia hard drive enclosure that supports really big hard drives. I got a 750GB (701GiB) Seagate Barracuda stuffed in mine. Loads of nice features. This is the Korean manufacturer's site. English version.
4 MVIX (alternative)
Alternative, more informative but harder to find MVIX page.
5 Taran Microsystems
Good supplier of computer stuff, based in Basingstoke, UK. Not always the cheapest but the service is generally very good indeed.



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