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1 A Brief History of Microsoft FUD
This time it's patents that will ensure the downfall of GNU/Linux. But before hanging up your certified geek propeller-hat and retraining as a dental hygienist, you might want to consider the following brief history of Microsoft's use of FUD.[Glynn M
2 Cathedral & Bazaar
Arguably one of the most important pieces of modern literature discussing Linux in particular and the open source movement generally.
3 EU to move towards open source
This project remedies the lack of information on Free/Libre/Open Source Software starting at the beginning: by conducting surveys to generate a unique base of primary data on Free/Open Source Software usage and development. [Infonomics 2002-06]
4 Explore Open Source Alternatives
Each year the State of California spends millions of dollars on software, software maintenance and renewal. Many private and governmental organizations are turning to open source software as a cost-effective alternative to closed source software.
5 European Union researches the benefits of open source software...
A major research project under the name Free/Libre and Open Source Software: Survey and Study, or FLOSS, recently explored reasons behind the widespread use of, and support for, free and open source software. [O'ReillyNet, 2002-09-16]
6 Governments vote against Microsoft
Article entitled "Governments vote against Microsoft"
7 Munich breaks with Windows for Linux
The German city decides to switch a significant proportion of its computers from Windows to the open-source operating system, despite an aggressive pitch from Microsoft. [CNet 2003-05-28]
8 NHS continues open source software trials - by S A Mathieson
The NHS in England will continue to test free-to-use "open source" software, despite paying to run Microsoft software on some 550,000 desktop computers. [The Guardian, 2005-07-15]
9 Open source debate brought to a close - for now - by S A Mathieson
Arguments over whether open source software really does save money over commercial rivals have come to a head...

[The Guardian 2006-05-31]
10 Open Source Revolution by Tim Anderson
IThe evolution of open source computer and the battle between advocates of open and closed source software are both fascinating. The outcome will shape the way we do computing.. Adapted from a talk given to the British Computer Society. [IT Writing 2
11 Personal experience of open source - FAQ
GarfNet has been 100% powered by open-source software since 1995 and now offers some very sophisticated end user tools. This page describes why in 2005, we chose Linux over MS Windows to run our new server.
12 Personal experience of open source - CMS
Currently I am conducting a study to evaluate the overall business case for open source software as part of my MSc final dissertation, in a project entitled “Open source software as part of a viable business model.”
13 UK looking to Linux with help from IBM...
The British Government and IBM are kicking off nine Linux test programs to see how much money government agencies can save by switching to open-source software. [Michael Kanellos, CNet, 2003-10-08]
14 Unix
Excellent explanation of Unix from the Wikipedia
15 Unix Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
Good description of Unix file system



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