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1 DP Review
Excellent British digital camera review site. Very in depth.
2 IrfanView
Excellent freeware image manager & thumbnail viewer, written by Irfan Skiljan. Only for M$ WIndoze
3 Photo Journalists Guide
Photo journalists guide
4 Steve Weller's Blog
Shining out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark
5 Tethered shooting on UbuntuLinux
Tethered shooting for Ubuntu & Kubuntu users
6 The GNU Image Manipulation Package
Excellent open source image manipulation package. Has similar functionality to Adobe Photoshop - only this one is free. And it works on Linux as well as M$ Windoze.
7 Thumbs Plus (Cerious Software)
Excellent (but not open source) photograph manager from Cerios Software. Only for M$ Windoze.



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