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20090115-win7-01.png 20090115-win7-01.pngInstalling Windows 7114 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-02.png 20090115-win7-02.pngInstalling Windows 7 on a VirtualBox virtual machine370 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-03.png 20090115-win7-03.pngInstalling Windows 7116 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-04.png 20090115-win7-04.pngInstalling Windows 7312 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-05.png 20090115-win7-05.pngInstalling Windows 7139 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-06.png 20090115-win7-06.pngStarting Windows 7 for the first time339 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-07.png 20090115-win7-07.pngFinalising the installation of Windows 7152 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-08.png 20090115-win7-08.pngWindows 7 on a Sun VirtualBox virtual machine on Kubuntu Linux 8.04-1145 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-09.png 20090115-win7-09.pngA few built in Window 7 applications342 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-10.png 20090115-win7-10.pngInternet Explorer 8 and its silly suggested sites dialog118 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-11.png 20090115-win7-11.pngWarning dialog that appears if you attempt to install an application188 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-12.png 20090115-win7-12.pngAttempting to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Windows 7179 viewsgarf
20090115-win7-all-vms.png 20090115-win7-all-vms.pngMultiple operating systems running in virtual machines on Linux418 viewsgarf
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