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dscf1229.jpg dscf1229.jpgTricorn Centre1965 viewsgarf
dscf1076.jpg dscf1076.jpgSign outside the Turfcutter Arms, New Forest, after NFDC removed the pecular white lines from the road.348 viewsgarf
flags.jpg flags.jpgI'm a moron - England flags spoof585 viewsgarf
linux2.jpg linux2.jpglinux2321 viewsgarf
breakfast.jpg breakfast.jpgA typical batchelor's Boxing Day breakfast!318 viewsgarf
BadVista_no_littering.png BadVista_no_littering.pngBadVista no littering150 viewsgarf
windowsvistaballmerpiracy.jpg windowsvistaballmerpiracy.jpgwindows vista ballmer piracy304 viewsgarf
This2This.jpg This2This.jpgThis2This209 viewsgarf
pic01053.jpg pic01053.jpg'Helium balloon', surely?258 viewsgarf
pic01045.jpg pic01045.jpg'To Fuk Road' road sign342 viewsgarf
pic01046.jpg pic01046.jpg'City One Shatin' sign392 views1 commentsgarf
311-heavenandhell.jpg 311-heavenandhell.jpgHeaven & Hell258 viewsgarf
rudolph1.jpg rudolph1.jpgCharteris - Rudolph 1274 viewsgarf
rudolph2.jpg rudolph2.jpgCharteris - Rudolph 2264 viewsgarf
rudolph3.jpg rudolph3.jpgCharteris - Rudolph 3270 viewsgarf
rudolph4.jpg rudolph4.jpgCharteris - Rudolph 4254 viewsgarf
rudolph5.jpg rudolph5.jpgCharteris - Rudolph 5252 viewsgarf
rudolph6.jpg rudolph6.jpgCharteris Rudolph 6205 viewsgarf
rudolph7.jpg rudolph7.jpgCharteris - Rudolph 7235 viewsgarf
rudolph8.jpg rudolph8.jpgCharteris - Rudolph 8246 viewsgarf
rudolph9.jpg rudolph9.jpgCharteris - Rudolph 9227 viewsgarf
REINDEER.JPG REINDEER.JPGReindeer233 viewsgarf
ngbbs41f29661d06cf.jpg ngbbs41f29661d06cf.jpgBush207 viewsgarf
ngbbs41f29573e8b68.jpg ngbbs41f29573e8b68.jpgJohn says228 viewsgarf
foutoir-2.jpg foutoir-2.jpgTrash around computer249 viewsgarf
bill_ubuntu.jpg bill_ubuntu.jpgBill Gates say "I use Ubuntu!"216 viewsgarf
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