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Written by Garfield Lucas   
I think it is a family failing that all the Lucas's believe the planet should have the benefit of our opinions...Smile

I am a card-carrying journalist. Many years ago I had a column on The Sun (a UK tabloid) called 'The Boring Bit' where I reviewed computer software. Since then, I wrote for local press & a variety of promotional and PR assignments for various private companies and public service organisations. Examples may be found at the Wessex Deanery website:

I was also managing Editor of The New Millennium Ezine (AKA The Milly) which ran from 1995 December through to 1999 December. Please visit to find out what happened to The Milly.

In recent times I have become more involved with creating & developing open source web-based technolgy - which has proven very time consuming. But my old buddy Mr Goose still has time to tap his little beak on his keyboard in his WordPress-powered blog, here on GarfNet. 

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