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Written by Garfield Lucas   

I am not an expert. I am more of a perpetual student - always amazed and somewhat baffled by how much there is to learn and how little I really know. Consequently, this site is here as much to help me understand the world as it is to try to provide a useful resource to the broader community.

When I venture out into the streets of sunny Southampton, I'm usually seen sporting a camera and perhaps a radio scanner or a portable computer. Friends sometimes describe me as having a 'boyish enthusiasm' because I really do like my toys. Less charitable observers suggest that I have a mental age of twelve! OK, so generally I don't take the world particularly seriously but I do believe one should treat the planet and all its inhabitants with kindness & respect. As we say round these parts, "What goes around, comes around."

I enjoy my work too and I always have lots of projects on the boil. Some would say I've made a lifestyle of it. Anyway, these are some of my likes & dislikes, c/w a few links to various points within my sites. I must get round to finishing this sometime!


Top 30 Likes...

  1. my beautiful Hungarian girlfriend - known on this site as The Angel
  2. life
  3. taking photos (especially when using sophisticated digital SLR cameras)
  4. Hong Kong
  5. creative and imaginative thinkers
  6. clever and smart design
  7. Linux
  8. geese
  9. small handheld radio scanners
  10. driving fast open top cars
  11. velvet waistcoats (handy for cleaning the lenses)
  12. visiting far-off places
  13. midnight walks on deserted beaches
  14. 'Private Eye' magazine (the covers are always outrageously funny)
  15. MP3's (and OGGs)
  16. music made by friends
  17. torches - and pretty much anything that lights up or goes "ping".
  18. maps
  19. Beer, especially Hungarian brewed Szalon - its Christmas beer is especially wonderful
  20. Beethoven symphonies (preferably the 6th)
  21. any movie starring Michael Caine. Sleuth is my favourite, with Educating Rita and the Italian Job (the original not the crappy Hollywood remake) are my joint second favourites.
  22. BBC World Service (especially 'From Our Own Correspondent')
  23. my mum's flapjacks (I'm trying to persuade her to let me put the recipe on the site!)
  24. red wine
  25. Southampton Common
  26. rainy Sunday afternoons
  27. Tux, the Linux penguin
  28. Large hard disks -  I'm a data-junkie!
  29. digital multimeters, weather stations and any thing you can use to measure things with - I'm also a geek!
  30. unusual watches

Top 20 Dislikes...

  1. George Bush (and those shadowy figures that pull his strings). Thank heavens he's gone, though poor old Obama has one heck of a mess to clear up.
  2. violence
  3. racists
  4. banks
  5. spam emails and chain letters & those who send them
  6. corrupt politicians
  7. corporations that needlessly pollute the planet and put their profits before the needs of the people
  8. warmongers
  9. bigots
  10. religious zealots
  11. Microsoft (and any organisation that uses its corporate muscle to stifle innovation)
  12. pornography
  13. expensive machines that don't work properly
  14. being woken up too early on Sunday mornings
  15. washing up
  16. Southampton's nightclubs
  17. British Telecom
  18. people who let their dogs crap on the pavement & don't clean it up
  19. Tony Blair (never trust a man who smiles that much). Actually I really dislike this grinning, lying two-faced shyster. But my contempt for the man is such that I do not think he deserves to be top of anything.
  20. those little packets of ketchup that split in the wrong place and squirt their contents all over your trousers!

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