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Written by Garfield Lucas   

ImageThis bit should really be called "standing on the shoulders of giants" because many of these projects borrow heavily on the work of people who are much cleverer than I am.

Many of these projects are based upon world's ever increasing pool of open source code. Others are closed source but used with the kind permission of their authors. Several of these projects also appear in other sections such as Tools. But I find it handy to have them all grouped together here.

Most of these projects sit well in the Joomla framework that makes up this site. Some don't. So I have also provided "direct links" so you can see them in a separate page, if necessary. Filed in alphabetical order...

  • EyeOS - experimental on-line operating system (opens in new window).  Seems that rather than relying on Google or Ubuntu's computing cloud, you can actually have a cloud all of your own.
    Direct Link:
    Note: EyeOS requires a password. I don't feel brave enough to let users create their own accounts yet, so please contact me for login details.
  • MGFaulty - very old but amusing project detailing the disaster that was MGRover and the badly-built cars it produced. Nothing clever or technical - just me and my ex-girlfriend having a jolly good grumble. MG Rover went bust shortly afterwards - nothing to do with us though!
    Direct Link:
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