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  • Microsoft Windows Tax Scam   ( 6 Articles )

    This is a series of case studies illustrating the difficulty one has purchasing a PC in the UK without being forced to pay a "Microsoft Windows Tax" for preinstalled versions of MS Windows that we never actually use. We use Linux on all our PC's and have done so for several years. Therefore we do not need, nor should we be forced to pay for any Microsoft software licenses. These studies are being documented and gathered in order to submit a formal complaint to the UK Office of Fair Trading and the EU Commission, in the hope these regulatory bodies will finally put an end to this blatantly uncompetitive practice and chronic abuse of the market.

  • General   ( 9 Articles )

    These are a few general observations that might be of interest to some people.

  • Technology   ( 30 Articles )

    These are some of my technology writings. I am a firm believer in the value of open source software and the culture of openness and cooperation that surrounds it. So most of my written work today is about open source rather than proprietary products. If you are looking for information about Microsoft products or anything Windows-based, then you are probably in the wrong place - though please feel free to look around anyway, if you have a few moments to spare.



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