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1. About GarfNet
(About/About GarfNet)
... Firstly there is our new and improved internet radio tuner, linking you to some of the best British, European & World radio stations http://www.garfnet.org.uk/tuner. Secondly there is a new section ...
2. Aircraft frequencies, EU and UK
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
This is the list of aircraft frequencies for UK and  Europe. Obviously you need a radio receiver capable of receiving these frequencies, such as the AOR 8200 or the Icom IC-R20. This is not ...
3. Icom IC-R20 radio scanner
... the IC-R20 offers a lot of connectivity options to those with the skills and/or determination to discover them... More information about PC Connectivity from Tony Ling's excellent site http://homepage.ntlworld.com/tony.ling/radio/ic-r20/R20um22.htm ...
4. Streams used in GarfNet internet radio tuner
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
Granted, this isn't pretty. But here is a list of streams used in the GarfNet Internet Radio Tuner applet. The gaps are "spare" slots in the station database. One of these days I'll produce a much tidier ...
This is a list of radio and television stations you are likely to receive within about 20 km of Southampton UK. Frequencies are shown in MHz rather than khz because most modern scanners display ...
6. VHF Marine band channels
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
This is the list of VHF marine frequencies you can upload into your scanner. It includes both the ship and the shore frequencies. Channel Ship (MHz) Shore ...
... problems reading from it as detailed at the end of this article. I am not sure why but when I find out I will let you know! Related to this article... Icom IC-R20 radio scanner review http://www.garfnet.org.uk/joomla/index.php? ...
8. Internet radio tuner
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
This is a brief introduction to Internet radio. In a nutshell, this is GarfNet's somewhat ageing internet radio & TV tuner. This appears when you click the Internet Radio item on left side of the page. ...
9. Citizen's Band frequencies, EU and UK
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
This is a table of UK and EU approved Citizen's Band radio channels and their corresponding frequencies. Note frequencies are displayed in MHz rather than KHz because this is standard with most ...
10. PMR 446 frequencies
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
This is the list of licence-free, public mobile radio frequencies around 446 MHz  used here in the UK. Channel Frequency (MHz) Modulation 1 446.00625 NFM ...
11. Internet radio stream sources
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
The information below is currently in note-form while I build a database of the best streams I can find for several hundred of my favourite radio stations. Eventually I will list these streams (along with ...
12. Wavebands, amateur radio
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
This is a simple table showing designated amateur bands and their associated frequency ranges. Note frequencies are displayed in MHz rather than kHz because this is standard with most modern radio ...
13. Radio microphone frequencies
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
These are some frequencies commonly used by wireless microphones. Please remember that eavesdropping is illegal in some countries. This information is here purely for scientific and educational ...
... converter Butel I-Clone20 Icom IC-R20 radio scanner control software Collins (British) English Dictionary (an oldie but goodie that I can't live without). CorelDRAW v9. CorelPHOTOPAINT v9 (100% ...
15. TV sound frequencies, CCIR countries (mainly EU)
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
... you need a radio receiver capable of receiving these frequencies, such as the AOR 8200 or the Icom IC-R20. Or you could just use a localised TV of course! Anyway we created a series of these tables, ...
16. Wavebands, shortwave broadcast (worldband)
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
... with most modern radio scanners. Metre Band From (MHz) To (MHz) 120 metre 2.300 2.495 90 metre 3.200 3.400 75 metre 3.900 4.000 60 ...
17. Commonly used radio terminology
(Tools+Tables/Reference Tables)
This is a brief list of some commonly used terms and expressions used by radio enthusiasts and resellers. It is not an exhaustive list and many of the terms can be found in greater detail in the Wikipedia. ...
18. TV sound frequencies, OIRT countries
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
This is the list of television audio carrier frequencies for the OIRT countries - mainly ex-members of the former Soviet bloc. Obviously you need a radio receiver capable of receiving these frequencies, ...
19. About little old me
(About/About GarfNet)
... perhaps a radio scanner or a portable computer. Friends sometimes describe me as having a 'boyish enthusiasm' because I really do like my toys. Less charitable observers suggest that I have a mental age ...
20. TV sound frequencies, UK
(Tools+Tables/Radio Frequencies)
... It means you can stand outside your local TV shop with your scanner in-hand and watch the footy without ever having to buy a TV of your own! Actually if you have a decent radio scanner then you probably ...
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