How to upgrade from Ubuntu to Kubuntu (version 7.xx - Gutsy) Print
Written by Garfield Lucas   
Firstly please back up anything that is important - as you would with any major upgrade on any computer system!

Then you can either use the Synaptic package manager or in this instance it is probably quicker to install from a Terminal window. First we make sure the system is fully up to date. Simply type one line at a time followed by the return key...
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
Now your system is ready for Kubuntu. Type...
sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
This will install the Kubuntu desktop. The download will take a while because it has to download about a CD-ROM-full of files. It will ask you which login-manager you want to use: gdm or kdm. (Gnome Desktop manager or KDE Desktop manager). Basically this is changes what the login screen looks like. If you prefer KDE (as I do), then choose kdm, if you like Gnome, then choose gdm. If you change your mind later then you can change this later.

After the installation is complete, type...
sudo apt-get install kde
Again this may take a while. When apt-get is finished, close everything and logout - do not shutdown nor reboot. Once logged out then click on "session" and choose KDE as default. Then you can either log in or shut down as you wish.

Job done!

If you are still dithering, then this is an example of one of my KDE v3.5x desktops - in this instance I am running ThumbsPlus for Windows v7.0 in a Crossover Linux "WINE bottle".

Or click
to see it full size. The model is GarfNet's MJay 


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