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2001-03-10 Broken aeroplanes


Date: 2001-03-10.
Camera: Fuji S1 Pro digital SLR.
Photographer: Garfield Lucas.
Location: back of Hurn Airport, Bournemouth, UK.

It was a bright spring day and I found myself round the back of Bournemouth Airport, taking pictures of indoor go-cart racing event for a client. Some of those pictures are still on line at the bottom of: Anyway, as I navigated my way along the cracked roads & bits of redundant runway, I spotted lots of huge passenger aircraft with bits hanging off them. Suddenly there was a deafening roar. It was coming from a plane on the ground with its wheels chocked. It appeared to have its jet engine attached to what seemed like some sort of test rig. I don't think I was really supposed to be there but I just had to get a few pictures...

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