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random-access memory (RAM)
All software, including applications and the operating system, must be loaded into RAM - a an electronic working space, consisting of a set of chips that can be accessed, at high-speed by the microprocessor. The contents of RAM are erased when the computer is turned off. RAM is measured in megabytes.

raster image
Synonym for bitmap image

read-only memory (ROM)
A memory space containing instructions which can be read by a computer but is unchangeable. Sometimes parts of the operating system or modem settings are stored in ROM. Also some software is stores on removable ROM devices such as CD ROM

refresh rate
The frequency with which each line on a computer screen is. Measured in hertz - cycles per second. The higher the refresh rate, the less the screen appears to flicker

Remote Imaging Protocol (RIP)
A type of terminal emulation using graphical elements stored on the caller's computer to rapidly draw colour screens. Also permits mice to be used.

Request for Comments

Request for Comments (RFC)
A collection of documents used on the Internet to record descriptions of evolving protocols and standards. These are handy sources of information regarding how the Internet works.

The resolution of a monitor refers to the horizontal and vertical number of pixels that make up the display on a screen. Similarly, the resolution of a printer is measured in dots per logical inch (dpi).

Remote Imaging Protocol

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